Tuesday, November 30, 2010

OMG-Trucker survives incredible cliffhanger after brakes fail

 A lucky trucker survived a real-life cliffhanger when his overloaded lorry balanced above a 122m (400ft) drop after its brakes failed.The lorry – loaded with 40 tonnes of coal – was going too fast to make a turning in Qingzhen, south-west China. ‘The driver had been convinced he was going to die and took a lot of persuading to climb out of his cab and back up the truck,’ said a police spokesman.

Wow Nice prize-Irish author takes bad sex prize

An Irish author has been awarded the Bad Sex in Fiction prize.Rowan Somerville won for his novel, The Shape of Her. “Like a lepidopterist mounting a tough-skinned insect with a too blunt pin he screwed himself into her," was one of the passages in the book that helped Somerville win the award Monday night.
He beat out Canadian Annabel Lyon. The B.C. author was nominated for her book, The Golden Mean. On her blog, Lyon said she was "deeply honoured" by the nomination.In accepting his award, Somerville said he was glad to join the likes of Tom Wolfe, A.A. Gill and last year's winner, Jonathan Littell.
“There is nothing more English than bad sex, so on behalf of the entire nation I would like to thank you," he told the crowd in London, Bloomberg reported.British journal Literary Review has been handing out the prize since 1993.

Where are parents-Boy stuck in washing machine rescued by firefighters

The boy, identified as Chaofan, was trapped for over an hour in the machine in Taiyuan, central Shanxi province, before being freed by emergency services. According to his mother, he hid inside it only to find his legs tightly caught in the washing machine's drum.Images from Chinese state broadcaster CCTV show Chaofan being rescued by firefighters who used a circular saw - inches away from his legs - to cut open the drum
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Monday, November 29, 2010

New Strange vehicle-Man combines boat with lawnmower

John’s ‘Shortcutter’, made from a sit-on lawnmower and an old boat, can chug along the roads at a ‘relaxing’ 9kph (6mph), then take to the water at the
 first sign of a snarl-up. Of course, with a top speed that could cause more traffic jams than it solves and a propeller that spins wildly behind it on dry land, the four-wheeler is still very much a work in progress. But Mr Hinton hopes future models could revolutionise the way we travel. The 76-year-old said: ‘In theory, you could go anywhere on it – it would be just as good as a normal car. A YouTube video of Mr Hinton’s invention has attracted bemused interest since he uploaded it two months ago. And the retired insurance broker, of Horsham in West Sussex, has even been in touch with Honda about mass production of his vehicle. 

Nice Place
to Marry-Hamburger lovers marry in Mexican McDonald's

MONTERREY, Mexico - It was Big Macs, chicken nuggets and fries at a wedding banquet in Northern Mexico Friday.Fast-food fanatics Carlos Munoz and Marisela Matienzo tied the knot at a McDonald's in an upscale district of Monterrey, Mexico's most Americanized city."Some of our guests thought it was a joke. Our parents were resigned to it," Matienzo told local media.The local franchise for McDonald's Corp said the wedding was the first in one of its outlets in Latin America, a custom that has already taken off in Hong Kong for people seeking to depart from traditional marriage protocols.

Trick or treat-Shop owner sells himself winning lottery ticket

BELLE VERNON, Pa. — A shop owner in western Pennsylvania has sold himself a winning $1.8 million lottery ticket — and as the seller of the ticket, he'll get an extra $10,000.
Ron Rea owns Tobacco World stores in Uniontown and Belle Vernon. He bought the winning ticket for the Nov. 18 Match 6 Lotto drawing at the Belle Vernon store.Rea says he doesn't play the lottery's Daily Number, but he spends about $20 a day on tickets for games with higher odds, telling the Herald-Standard of Uniontown, "If you hit, your life's changed."Rea's ticket was worth $1,782,432. A lottery spokeswoman confirmed Rea's claim to the winning ticket.The 68-year-old Rea says the winnings will help him and his wife of 38 years, Rita, build their retirement funds.

Wow-Chicken sore after laying 4 inch egg

The monster egg measures a whopping 9cm by 5.7cm (2.2ins) and is more than twice the size of a normal egg. It was laid by Bolt, a 20-week-old chicken from Christchurch, Dorset, who has only been lying for three weeks. Owner Denise Sloan, a 52-year-old gardener, said she has never seen such a large egg despite owning chickens for 15 years. The egg, which has not been fertilised, is now destined for the dinner plate.
She said of Bolt’s impressive achievement: ‘I don't know what the world record is, but all I can say is she is pretty bow-legged now.’ ‘It's enormous, bigger than a duck egg.’ And for anyone wondering what to make with the egg, Denise described its size in food terms: ‘You could make two omelettes out of it.’ 

Smart Idea-Woman claims ownership of sun, wants to tax it

AFTER billions of years the Sun finally has an owner - a woman from Spain's soggy region of Galicia says she's registered the star at a local notary public as being her property.
Angeles Duran, 49, told the online edition of daily El Mundo she took the step in September after reading about an American man who had registered himself as the owner of the moon and most planets in our Solar System. There is an international agreement which states that no country may claim ownership of a planet or star, but it says nothing about individuals, she added."There was no snag, I backed my claim legally, I am not stupid, and I know the law. I did it but anyone else could have done it, it simply occurred to me first."
The document issued by the notary public declares Duran to be the "owner of the Sun, a star of spectral type G2, located in the centre of the solar system, located at an average distance from Earth of about 149,600,000 kilometres".

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Friday, November 26, 2010

Very Strange- Bananas Sweeter when they're exposed to Music

The bananas are delivered to the the Toyoka Chuo Seika firm from the Philippines in the form of ordinary, unripe fruit.Mozart’s String Quartet 17 and Piano Concerto 5 in D major, as well as other works, are then played continuously for a week over speakers in the fruit's ripening chamber and the magic begins.
The fruit company's Isamu Okuda confirmed to the Japan Times that the organisation is convinced the process makes the bananas sweeter - and consumers of the fruit agree.Sales of the yellow wonders, otherwise known as the 'Mozart bananas', are up over last year's equivalent, non-music-exposed fruit since they were introduced last July.

Chemistry Professor deadly lab blast

MULHOUSE, France - A professor at a chemistry college in eastern France was fined 8,000 euros and given a suspended jail sentence on Thursday for causing a lab explosion that killed a colleague and gravely injured a student.The accident occurred in 2006 when professor Alain Louati went out for lunch and an open bottle of highly inflammable ethylene triggered an explosion that tore through his laboratory in the city of Mulhouse, near the German border.The blast, which blew out windows and ceilings and blackened walls, killed a professor in a room above the lab and injured a high-school student in an adjacent room. The young woman suffered severe fractures to the head and body, was temporarily in a coma and was left handicapped.
A court in Mulhouse found Louati, 62, guilty of involuntary homicide and causing injury by negligence and gave him a suspended 18-month prison sentence.

Rare postage stamp worth $347,500

 BERLIN - Half a rare German postage stamp which dates back to 1872 has fetched some 261,000 euros ($347,500) at auction in the southern German town of Bietigheim-Bissingen, a spokeswoman for the auction house told Reuters on Thursday.She said a German collector purchased the well-preserved half stamp, which originates from the northern German town of Syke, despite its hefty price tag because it was so rare.
“Stamps were in short supply in Syke between 1872 and 1874 so it was decided that they should be cut in half as a makeshift solution,” she said. “But because this was only done for a short period, very few letters actually bear these halved stamps.”She said the winning bidder from north Germany was able to secure the stamp, which had an asking price of 120,000 euros, only after a lengthy duel with a bidder from south Germany.The stamp was particularly valuable because it was featured as the cover picture on a book written about Syke’s collection of halved stamps by Rolf Rohlfs in 1982.

What a Location- Fetish club operating next door to primary school

A fetish club with its own dungeon and spanking bench is operating in a barn next door to a primary school.
Angry neighbours have complained after hearing "screaming and whipping. The Old Barn, next to St Mary's Primary School, in Warrington, Cheshire, offers afternoon dominatrix sessions and kinky parties. Mum Debbie Gleave, who lives nearby, said: "I've complained so many times. My children are terrified to go into the garden."But the local council said the owners did not need a licence and police said nothing criminal was going on.A spokesman for the barn said: "We are open to discussing any concerns."

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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Neverseen Drive thru- offers sex toys and lubricants

NEW drive-thru window in one Alabama community is offering customers a lot more than just a burger and fries. Sherri Williams, owner of the adult store Pleasures; will start selling a variety of items including sex toys and lubricants through three drive-up lanes at a new location in Huntsville."It's a new level of privacy, and it feels good to give something back to the community," Williams said in a news release.All of the items will be placed in brown paper bags and delivered through a drive-thru drawer.

Very Nice Idea-Dirt makes kids smart

Research published in the current issue of Kidsafe NSW's playgrounds newsletter shows the positive side of a soil-borne bacteria that is likely to be inhaled when children are playing outside.
Academics discovered that mice that were fed the dirt bacteria Mycobacterium vaccae navigated complex mazes twice as fast as those which were not.The research, presented in the US earlier this year, was welcomed by Kidsafe NSW Playground Advisory Unit program manager Kate Fraser as another reason kids should be encouraged to get outside and get dirty."Over the past few years terms like 'cotton wool kids' and 'helicopter parents' are becoming really common," Ms Fraser said."So we thought it was time to air the laundry on what's happening with our play spaces and make sure we are offering kids challenges.
"We need to make playgrounds safe, but also offer a certain amount of risk and controlled risk. It's a real balancing act."It is believed the bacteria increases levels of serotonin, reduces anxiety and may also stimulate growth in certain neurons in the brain.
Ms Fraser said that while playing in the dirt was great, parents should take care around potting mix, which can contain harmful bacteria."But as long as safety directions are followed, that can be a great learning experience, too," she said.The research will be a relief to the parents who know it's almost impossible to stop children getting dirty.Nicole Livisianos, of Zetland, said her one-year-old Sebastian loves to get messy.
"We come to the park almost every afternoon and he is always into something dirty," she said. "There's no point trying to stop him."

What a Catch by
Google Street
View snaps a naked man reading on porch

We can't be sure just how naked the man snapped in Quebec, Canada, actually is, however.
Close inspection of the Street View photo suggests he may be wearing orange or flesh-coloured shorts or boxers - a point addressed comprehensively in the current cyber debate firing up about the picture
'Looks like he's wearing shorts to me,' comments one contributor to social news website Reddit.
'He may have boxers on but it's not very clear. I think if you were a neighbour you would have to do a double-to-quadruple take before you were sure he wasn't masturbating,' says another.
As well as discussion about whether or not the man is naked and whether or not he is, indeed, in the process of pleasuring himself, internet speculators have been probing what exactly our friend might be reading on his porch. Find best other catches of google street view

For Dog Lovers- 'Dog only' beer hits shelves

Ever sat in a bar and thought ‘I wish just once my dog could join me in a casual beer?’ Us neither, but clearly it’s a problem for someone as a Dutch brewer has started producing beer for the as yet untapped pooch market.Dog Beer is made from a special blend of beef extracts and malt, giving dogs that clean, crisp lager taste while adding some meaty goodness.A spokesman for the brewers said: ‘It is a beer for your best friend.‘For large dogs we would recommend one bottle a day and for things like a Chihuahua... well, they prefer shorts.’the brew is of course, non-alcoholic.

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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Top 9 funny and strange things spotted on Google StreetView

Here is our 9 best

1) A naked man in a car trunk invited plenty of questions after he was snapped in Mannheim, southwest Germany.

2) A Staffordshire verge seemed to be the chosen spot for a bit of hanky-panky for this couple.

3) In Aberdeen a man was filmed standing on the pavement wearing a horses head.

4) This seagull was ready for its close-up as it swooped on the camera in Brighton.
5) UFO spotters were excited by a hazy image next to a beam of light in New Jersey, USA.

6) A car filming streets in New York State hit a baby deer as it tried to cross the road.
7) StreetView has been used in crime-fighting, with suspected heroin dealers arrested in Brooklyn, New York, after a picture of them seemingly loitering on a street corner led police to set up a surveillance operation

8) Earlier this month British police released a StreetView picture of a 4x4 on a driveway in Linton, Derbyshire, as they investigated the theft of a caravan soon after the StreetView car had passed the location.

9) Google Street
View is currently mapping Germany and a picture has emerged which appears to show a woman having given birth on a pavement.
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LOL-Wants His Money back for breast implants

LOL-Wants His Money back for breast implants

BERLIN - A German woman who splashed out on breast implants with a loan from her then boyfriend now fears her assets could be re-possesed after she failed to fully reimburse him, the 20-year-old woman told Bild newspaper.Her ex-boyfriend is demanding that she return the 4,379 euros ($5,865) he gave her to pay for her breast enlargement surgery in 2009 or he’ll call the police and get the repossessors involved, Bild reported on Wednesday.“It’s true that Carsten signed a loan agreement shortly before the operation,” the woman named only as Anastasia is quoted saying. “The condition was that I wouldn’t have to pay him back if I stayed with him for a year.”But the pair split shortly after she underwent the plastic surgery. The woman said she had transferred 3,000 euros into her ex-boyfriend’s account last week.

Nice Teaching - Teacher is pregnant by student
A Texas high school student has come forward after it was learned the teacher he was allegedly sleeping with is pregnant.The 25-year-old former Fort Worth teacher, Jennifer Riojas, was arrested last week and charged with sexual assault of a child, local TV station WFAA reported. She had resigned from her job in October.Police sources have now told the TV station the 16-year-old boy came forward, fearing he could be the baby's father.CBS reported police were told the student and teacher allegedly met up in motel rooms, and once in a hospital.The teacher was released Tuesday on $20,000 bail Tuesday, local media reported.

Lucky-Woman stuck in bathroom for three weeks

The 69-year-old survived the ordeal by living off tap water, after accidentally breaking the lock on November 1.‘She was at her wits’ end,’ said a neighbour in the Paris suburb of Epinay-sous-Senart.
‘Her flat is on the second floor and has no window, so she couldn’t call for help. There was absolutely nothing she could do except bang on the wall at night.‘Some neighbours even moaned about the noise – but they had no idea where it was coming from.’The woman – who has not yet been named – kept her spirits up by taking lots of showers and repeatedly brushing her teeth, before police arrived on Saturday. ‘After knocking on the door and hearing nothing, we pressed our ears up against the door and made out a muffled noise,’ said a police spokesman.‘It was the woman, saying: “I’m trapped – please get me out”.’
Firemen forced a window in the bedroom of the apartment and then smashed the bathroom door down.
‘The woman was in a terrible state. She was very thin and weak-looking and was eventually taken to hospital,’ added the spokesman.‘She’s a very popular lady but keeps herself to herself and people presumed she was away on holiday

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Who Is Miss Plastic Universe 2010

The pageant in Budapest, Hungary, is only for contestants who have enhanced their charms with cosmetic surgery.And judges say the standards are so high that it's nip and tuck for first place among the 22 contestants in the national rounds of Miss Plastic 2010.Girls can only qualify for the contest if they have received cosmetic surgery and must bring in their medical notes from the ops as proof. Judges will then rate them on their beauty - and a special medical panel will add extra marks once they have rated the quality of the plastic surgery.
The winner will go on to a face off with international contestants in Miss Plastic Universe.
Contestant Timea Kertesz, 27 - who has had boob and buttock implants - said: 'It started when I was 17 and I persuaded my mum to agree to an operation to pin back my sticking out ears.
'I suddenly discovered I was much more confident and from that moment on I have never stopped improving what Nature gave me."

Squeaky bedsprings sex' lands them in court

Police received ten complaints after the pair made a little too much noise during a night of passion in Lichtenburg in July this year.The couple faced the charge of noise pollution but refused to pay the £86 penalty.
During the court hearing Mueller said: ‘we weren’t that loud.’To which the judge responded: ‘Perhaps not you, but your bed. We have witness statements that it was heard banging and squeaking around the neighbourhood from 11.30pm until 1.00am the next morning.’The other half of the noisy couple, Mr Zetsch, reportedly said ‘It was totally normal sex, nothing exciting’, earning him a stern look from his partner, who then walked out.

Smart Cow Can Holds UP border traffic

SARNIA, Ont. - Drivers crossing the U.S. border on the Blue Water Bridge in southwestern Ontario were held up briefly Monday morning after police halted traffic to chase down a loose cow.
Police say the animal broke loose from a load of livestock in the compound area on the Canadian side, around 9:30 a.m.“The cow somehow broke free, ran through the compound, and actually made its way up onto the southbound span of the bridge,” said Const. John Reurink.Officers were already on site, waiting for a wide load escort, when they were asked to help round up the animal.“It was a wily one ... it took a few attempts to actually get the cow,” Reurink said.Traffic was stopped periodically.

Smart Burgalar -40-inch flat-screen televisions stolen in 20 seconds

Surveillance camera footage from inside a bar in Port Elizabeth, on the southern tip of the continent, show four robbers who make their way into the bar and quickly steal four 40-inch flat-screen televisions. Two of the people are clearly seen, one running to a TV on a wall, the other jumping onto a counter to reach a television above the bar.This might not be the only case of such a theft. One YouTube video, posted Sunday, says, "Businesses and homes containing and displaying expensive plasma screen TVs are currently under attack."The Herald newspaper reported earlier this month that thieves broke into the national headquarters of Good Fellas, an organization that provides designated drivers, and stole 40 flat-screen computer monitors, 20 computers, a television as well as cellphones and wallets. The thieves had to scale a perimeter fence to get in, then ordered four night-shift staff members into a washroom before ransacking the office.

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Friday, November 19, 2010

Man sick of Realty TV-fires shotgun into TV

A MAN watching "Dancing With the Stars" in the US became so enraged that he fired his shotgun into the television. Like most Americans, Steven Cowan had been perplexed by Bristol Palin’s curious ability to keep advancing in competition.However, unlike other viewers, Cowan, 67, allegedly became so enraged by Palin’s success that he actually fired a shotgun round into his television, triggering a 15-hour standoff with Wisconsin police, website The Smoking Gun reported.According to a criminal complaint, Cowan’s wife called police in Vermont to report that her husband had blasted the TV and was threatening to kill himself. Cowan, who had been drinking, became angry while watching Palin, 20, dance on the program.
Janice Cowan told Dane County Sheriff's Office deputies that she called 911 after her husband blasted the TV and then pointed the shotgun at her. She added that Cowan warned her that he would kill himself if she brought anyone back to their home in the town of Vermont.

Looser-Fake doctor jailed for giving breast exams in bars

SALMON, Idaho - An Idaho judge has set bond at $100,000 for a Boise woman police say posed as a physician and duped at least two other women into having their breasts examined by her at Boise-area nightclubs. Kristina Ross, 37, remains in Ada County Jail in Boise on two felony counts of practicing medicine without a license. Police say Ross introduced her to victims — one at a downtown Boise bar and the other at a nightclub in a Boise suburb — as a plastic surgeon named Berlyn Aussieahshowna, a name that turned out to be bogus. The two women told Boise officers they believed Ross was a physician because of her apparent medical knowledge, and they agreed to undergo what they thought were breast exams, which happened at the bars. As part of her ruse, Ross gave the women the telephone number of a real licensed plastic surgeon in Boise, the state capital, authorities said. Staff at that medical office became alarmed at the number of calls they received from women in recent weeks attempting to confirm appointments or surgeries with a Berlyn Aussieahshowna, according to charging documents.

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Thursday, November 18, 2010

WOW –Nice Receipt with message -‘F**k You

WOW –Nice Receipt with message -‘F**k You’

It must have been confusing, because Perez certainly wasn’t aware of any beef that the employee had with him.Burger King HQ clearly agreed that the message was a flaming insult, because heads rolled without any further ado. A spokesman said: ‘Burger King Corp and the franchisee that owns and operates this restaurant deeply regret that this incident occurred. The franchisee has taken immediate corrective action and both the manager and employee are being terminated. The franchisee will be reaching out to the guest directly.
The customer didn’t make a whopping order, but that surely doesn’t excuse the rude receipt.In total, he spent $9.22 on a Double Whopper with cheese, onion rings and a small drink in the outlet in Sacramento, California.Perez told KCRA 3 TV: ‘I’m embarrassed. Its humiliating.’to make matters worse, when the red-faced Perez pointed out the profanity to the worker who gave it to him, he just laughed.

Sweet Roads - Sugar may be used to tackle icy roads this winter

Sugar may used to tackle icy roads this winter.Highways teams in Wiltshire are running trials of sugar-coated salt which sticks to the surface better.Swiss roads will also be treated with sugar after trials found it was almost as effective, cheaper, easier to obtain and does not damage cars.MP Oskar Freysinger said: "It is more efficient and has fewer negative side effects."

Ferrari or coaster-World's fastest roller coaster

Ferrari's first rollercoaster sounds like a formula for fun - so why am I a quivering, panic-filled wreck? I love roller coasters but the bright red Formula Rossa at the new Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi, the world's biggest indoor theme park, looks a bit too hardcore for me.It's the fastest thrill ride in the world, going from 0-150mph in just 4.9 seconds, - and I've seen the wobbly, near hysterical riders staggering off.Suddenly that curry at lunchtime doesn't seem such a good idea.I get into the cockpit, fit the seatbelt and lap bar and obey the order to press my head back on the headrest and keep my arms in. The car prepares to launch and my world explodes into an insane blur of speed.Waaaaaah!!!!!!! We hit 150mph in a heartbeat - my innards feel squashed and I think I lost my eyebrows when the G-force hit 4.8. The car hurtles up a 170ft slope so fast I'm sure that at the top it will take off and splash down in the Arabian Gulf, then it plunges down so fast I feared my eyeballs were going to pop out of my earholes. Ninety seconds later it's all over. The vicious, shuddering high-speed twists, chicanes and switchbacks end as the car completes the 2,195-yard track. Getting out isn't easy as my legs have stopped working and I think I've lost some fillings, but I've survived Formula Rossa.

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The world's smallest woman

‘It was hard when I was a child because all my classmates used to tease me for being small.‘But now I am famous bec­ause of my size. So it makes me feel like I am much taller,’ she said.The world has certainly become her oyster but she hopes there are plenty of fish in the sea too. ‘God made me the way I am and I am proud of that. I hope I can find someone who will love me one day,’ she added.

Nice Selling Trick-Dealer offers free AK-47 with every truck sold

According to Nations Trucks manager Nick Ginetta, business has more than doubled since the promotion was announced.Throwing in extras is a common tactic of the car salesman, but the offer is usually GPS or heated seats rather than a semi-automatic Kalashnikov rifle. The dealership has come under metaphorical fire over the promotion. Ginetta acknowledged that the deal is controversial but defended the decision, saying: ‘My buyer is absolutely a gun owner, no question.’Customers who don't want the rifle have the option of choosing a different firearm of similar value, or can request a cheque up to $400. Trigger-happy truckers will need to get in fast though; the promotion closes at the end of November.

New Method for Donation-Strip club gives free admission with donation of turkey

The pilgrims may not have been into nude girls dancing around a pole, but that doesn't mean nude girls dancing around a pole can't be into the pilgrims. San Francisco's Market Street Cinema gets into the Thanksgiving spirit every year by encouraging men to do more than just stare at nude women. The adult theater is once again pushing its holiday turkey promotion, where patrons who bring in a turkey for charity will receive free admission to the theater.The promotion, which runs through Nov. 24, has gone up on the marquee with colorful plays on words. And as far as we can tell, you're still responsible for the dollar bills.

The 21-year-old, who has a kind of dwarfism, has spoken of her joy at winning the title earlier this year. ‘I always hoped that one day the world would recognise me,’ said Miss Kocaman, who weighs just 6.8kg (15lb) and lives in Kadirli in a rem­ote area of Turkey.
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Monday, November 15, 2010

Nice Gesture-President offered sex to veto Germany’s nuclear reactors

BERLIN - German writer Charlotte Roche offered in an interview Sunday to spend the night with President Christian Wulff if he votes against government plans to extend the lifetime of Germany's nuclear reactors. "I am offering to sleep with him if he does not sign," the 32-year-old anti-nuclear activist told the weekly Der Spiegel.
"My husband agrees. Now it is up to the First Lady to give her consent," she said. "I am tattooed." Roche, British-born author of the sexually explicit 2008 bestseller "Wetlands", took part in major demonstrations last week against the transport of radioactive waste that underlined unease in Germany over nuclear power.
Wulff has to decide this year if a law prolonging the lifetime of the country's 17 nuclear reactors by up to 14 years should be enacted without the consent of the Bundesrat, the upper chamber of parliament that represents the regions.
The hotly disputed plans were approved by cabinet in September and will postpone by more than a decade to around 2035 the date when Europe's biggest economy abandons nuclear power.
Intelligent- Vending machine recommends drinks

A new Japanese canned drink vending machine uses facial recognition technology to “recommend” drinks based on the customer’s age and gender — and sales have tripled over those from regular vending machines as a result. The machines, developed by JR East Water Business Co, a subsidiary of railway firm JR East Co (9020.T); use large touch-panel screens with sensors that allow the machine to determine the characteristics of an approaching customer.” Recommended” labels will then appear on specific drink products. Suggested products may also change depending on the temperature and time of day.” If the customer is a man, the machine is likely to recommend a canned coffee drink, since men tend to prefer these. If the customer is in their 50s, though, that recommendation is likely to be green tea,” a company spokeswoman said. A woman in her 20s will be recommended a tea drink or slightly sweeter product, since market research has shown that they prefer these.” We thought it would make it a lot more fun for the customers to have this kind of interaction with our machines, that it would improve the whole buying experience,” she added.
The company has so far tested one machine at one Tokyo train station but plans to add five machines on Tuesday at central Tokyo Station, with the network to be expanded to other major Tokyo stations and nearby suburban areas by early in 2011.Some 500 of the machines should be available in Tokyo and surrounding areas by March 2012.

Nice way To make money-Law School 'duped' into letting Diesel shoot steamy lingerie scenes in library

BROOKLYN Law School rented its library to clothing company Diesel expecting a tasteful photo shoot for a jeans ad, but officials were shocked when they saw the end product. The New York Post reported students and staff were shocked to learn the shoot was in fact a steamy display of young models in skimpy lingerie among the school’s books and computers.” It’s gross. I work on those computers every day!" fumed a female student, referring to a shot showing two women wearing just bras and panties climbing over the machines toward an older man. Red-faced school officials said they were duped by Diesel.” We are as shocked and mortified as you must be by these photographs," interim dean Michael Gerber wrote in an email Friday to students, faculty and staff.

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Friday, November 12, 2010

You Want to Vote in Sexy Municipal Election

- A Polish singer and tabloid celebrity has put up posters of herself stretched out on the sand in a provocative bikini as part of her campaign to win a WARSAWWarsaw district council seat in municipal elections on Nov. 21.
Several of the posters — http://www.saramay.pl/blog.html — are to be seen around Warsaw’s Bemowo district bearing Sara May’s slogan: “Beautiful, independent, competent.”
“The deeds count, not the words, so I will not promise anything. I live in Bemowo in Warsaw,” May, whose real name is Katarzyna Szczolek, wrote on her English language website, adding that she would try to make the city a better place to live in. Internet users who posted their comments below May’s poster on various websites were not interested in her political views, preferring extensive discussion of the extent to which her photograph had been digitally enhanced. 
New Bra to Promote Country's Tourism sector

AS JAPAN hosts the Asia-Pacific summit this week, a women's underwear maker yesterday unveiled a bra that is meant to lift spirits as well as bust lines and support the country's tourism sector. Triumph Japan showcased its bustier-style "Welcome to Japan! Bra" that it said was inspired by a tour guide's uniform, features a display for images of sightseeing spots and can greet visitors in three languages.A row of three electronic push buttons running down the centre of the garment triggers audio greetings in English, Chinese and Korean."Furthermore, tour guide flags are inserted on each side of the bra," the company said. "When not used to guide tourists, the flags act as side stays, providing good support and creating an attractive bust line."The most risque feature is a short skirt attached to the dark blue outfit that flips up to reveal a map of Japan.

Fun Driving Is Naked Driving

TIMMINS, Ont. - Even if this driver had a licence, he'd have nowhere to put it.
Police in this northern Ontario city said they caught a suspended driver cruising the city streets naked, and his passenger was naked too.An officer with the South Porcupine detachment of the Ontario Provincial Police pulled over a 2005 Nissan Altima after watching it make an awkward turn on a city street on Tuesday night.
Both the driver and a 21-year-old female passenger were naked.The officer allowed both to get dressed before questioning.John Kirwan-Hanson, 22, of Timmins was charged with driving while under suspension.
He is scheduled to appear in court on Dec. 23.

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Woman sold baby to buy car

MIAMI - A Florida woman was charged with trying to sell her infant son in order to pay for a new car, police said on Tuesday.The baby's grandmother brokered the deal and initially demanded $75,000 but agreed to cut the price to $30,000 when told the prospective buyer could not get a bank loan, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) said.The mother of the eight-week-old boy, Stephanie Bigbee Fleming, 22, of Bradenton, Florida, was to receive $9,000 of the proceeds, the FDLE said."Fleming planned to purchase a new vehicle from the money received," an FDLE spokeswoman said.Fleming also needed money to pay court costs for an unrelated probation violation, the arrest documents said.Fleming was arrested on Tuesday. The grandmother, Patty Bigbee, 45, was arrested last week with her boyfriend Lawrence Works, 42, both of Holly Hill, Florida. All three were charged with the illegal sale of a child, and Bigbee was also charged with communications fraud, the department said.

Really -Sunbeds for Inmates

MOSCOW - One of Russia’s most notorious prisons will soon install sunbeds to improve the health of its inmates, its head said on Tuesday.Styled as a brick fortress, the 19th century Butyrka prison in central Moscow has held a slew of notable figures behind its bars, from persecuted Soviet-era writers Alexander Solzhenitsyn and Isaak Babel to Adolf Hitler’s nephew Heinrich.“We are developing additional medical services ... and even sunbeds will be put in place,” Butyrka’s head Sergei Telyatnikov told state-run radio station Vesti FM.The sunbeds, which Telyatnikov said would be used for medical purposes, will be installed by the end of the year, the state-run RIA news agency said.Russia’s crowded, poorly managed prison system came under increased scrutiny after the November 2009 death of jailed lawyer Sergei Magnitsky, who spent much of the last months of his life in Butyrka.

Couple awaken to find naked man in their closet

The Corvallis residents, both in their 20s, happened upon the naked stranger after rising to find items out of place in their home.Having noticed that the closet door was open; they found 21-year-old Nicholas Buekea inside.
According to local paper the Gazette Times, the intruder was masturbating.He then reportedly struggled with the male half of the couple and fled, before being found by a group of people who gave him a pair of shorts.
When police caught up with Buekea, he was taken to a local hospital to be evaluated. The Benton County District Attorney's Office is now reviewing potential charges against him.It's believed he was visiting a friend's apartment in the same building as his victims, from which he emerged at some point on Monday morning, climbed around a locked door to gain access to a staircase and made his way to the to their third-floor abode.

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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Why-Nurse deemed too sexy to be a police officer

Nurse Cathrine Ashima, who models part time, breezed through the medical and fitness tests required to join the force but were rejected after an interview panel questioned her over her work as a nude model.
Police deny that the decision was made on these grounds saying that ‘the applicant was not found suitable on the basis of the following: Work motivation, understanding about the role of the police and a lack of general knowledge.'However Ashima says she knew she would not get the job after a female member of the interview panel confronted her with her modelling shots.'During the interview one of the women on the board held up some nude pictures of me and started waving them in my face.'I think it's too bad that someone in the police thinks I am unfit to be a police officer because of my great body.'Despite passing the tests with flying colours police told the nurse that working as a nude model was akin to being a member of a right-wing organisation.
'It's just terrible political correctness,' Ashima said. She has now reportedly sought legal help and intends to challenge the board’s decision.

Looser-Woman arrested for flashing cop

We guess the 31-year-old Boca Raton woman thought it would be easy to bribe a cop. If you can call flashing a breast a bribe.   When cops found Heather Angel Fiore touching a lock on a closed meat market, she said she’d flash the cops (though one told her not to), TCPalm reports.   After her arrest, she said she thought the brief display of skin might keep her out of trouble, the arrest report said.

What was He was doing-Man Found Dead Near Playboy Mansion Fell From Tree

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — A male transient whose body was found on the Los Angeles Country Club golf course next to the Playboy Mansion died from a fall out of a tree, a coroner’s office captain said Monday.The Los Angeles Times reported that the man’s name was Anthony Washington, 36, of Santa Monica. Capt. John Kades of the coroner’s office did not confirm the report because the man’s relatives have not been contacted.
Washington was detained at the mansion hours before his body was found Friday and may have been trying to get back on the grounds when he fell to his death, The Times reported, citing law enforcement sources.

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Monday, November 8, 2010

Woman Tries to sell grandson

45-year-old grandmother from Florida was held on $100,000 US bond Saturday after she was arrested for allegedly agreeing to sell her grandson for $30,000.ABC News reports that Patty Bigbee was arrested Friday after police received a tip from someone that she approached him/her and offered to sell her eight-month-old grandson for $75,000. The person acted as an informant for the cops and haggled the price of the baby down to $30,000. The two met Friday afternoon in Daytona Beach to make the transaction. As soon as the money was exchanged for the baby, the cops rolled in to arrest Bigbee. She was charged with communication fraud and the illegal sale or surrender of a child. Her boyfriend, 42-year-old Lawrence Works, was also arrested and charged with being a principal to the illegal sale or surrender of a child.The baby is currently in state custody. His mother is in jail for unrelated charges.

Women Got Her Diamond ring after flushed down Toilet Two Years ago

Joan Speirs, who happens to be the Conservative leader of Surrey's Reigate and Banstead Council, was at the Charlwood Hotel near Gatwick when she lost the antique gold ring, set with a certified diamond and a handful of smaller diamonds.The 67-year-old then paid Dorking-based waste disposal company Clear Master to put a camera into the cesspit tank and subsequently filter 12,000 gallons of waste.One worker was even sent into the tank with a metal detector - to no avail.'She was understandably distraught. The ring was worth a significant amount of money but it was also of great emotional value because it was given to her by her late husband,' Julie French, director of the firm, said of Ms Speirs.

Murder accused lived with rotting corpse

New Zealander Gordon Hieatt, 47, read jokes to cheer himself up and pointed an electric fan at Nuttidar Vaikaew's decomposing body to minimise the stench, Auckland High Court was told.Hieatt denies murdering the sex worker after a row in her Auckland apartment in April last year and leaving  her body on a bed in a curtained off corner of the lounge. Crown prosecutor Rachel Reed told the court Hieatt strangled Vaikaew and carried on living life as normal after placing a dressing gown over the corpse's head.Police were contacted after Vaikaew's landlord stopped by to see if she was all right because he had not seen her for some time and her rent was overdue.
Hieatt introduced himself as Vaikaew's boyfriend and said she was unwell - but the landlord was concerned by a foul smell emanating from the apartment so he called the police.
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Friday, November 5, 2010

Man in breathalyser costume arrested for drunk driving

When an inebriated driver was pulled over by police after being spotted swerving dangerously across the road in Lincoln, Nebraska he must have known that his chances did not look good. The bottle of vodka and empty beer cans will be overlooked, but the head-to-toe breathalyser costume was going to be a dead giveaway.Matthew Nieveen, 19, had spent the evening at a Halloween party in Lincoln, Nebraska, where he decided to model himself after a blood alcohol monitor used to test suspected drunk drivers. It is believed he then got behind the wheel of his pickup truck after the party, drunk and in full costume.

Now Topless Coffin Calendar

The lingerie-clad models draped themselves over coffins, while one even posed topless.
Each of the women’s shots was inspired by a film scene, from movies such as James Bond, Reservoir Dogs and The Godfather.On one month, a couple are seen apparently making love on top of a coffin, while another shows a curvy topless blonde posing in front of a mirror. Company spokesman Bartek Lindner said: ‘It has a sort of Hollywood feel with a darker edge.’But the calendar, titled Drop Dead Gorgeous, has sparked controversy in Catholic Poland.
A church spokesman Father Tadeusz Rybnik in Warsaw said: ‘This is simply tasteless and shocking. Death is not sexy and the connotations presented in this calendar are disturbing to say the least. Find them in CofaniFunebri.com

Boy rescued after He Was stuck in basketball hoop

A boy of 12 was rescued by firefighters after he got stuck in a basketball hoop while boozing with friends at a playground in Vienna, Austria.

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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Are you ready for Lady Gaga Course?

Are you ready for Lady Gaga Course?

Welcome to the school of Gaga — or at least the course of Gaga.
Next semester, University of South Carolina professor Mathieu Deflem will teach a class called Lady Gaga and the Sociology of Fame. “Within the framework of the sociology of popular culture and music, this course specifically focuses on socially relevant elements in the rise of Lady Gaga’s popularity to her current status as a burgeoning pop music icon,” reads the course’s description. “The central objective of this course, then, is to unravel some of the sociologically relevant dimensions of the fame of Lady Gaga with respect to her music, videos, fashion, and other artistic endeavours, with special attention for the role of: business and marketing strategies; the role of the old and new media; fans and live concerts; gay culture; religious and political themes; sex and sexuality; and the cities of New York and Hollywood.” Enrolment, which starts next week, is limited to 50 students, but Deflem plans to open it up to 120 students next fall. 

Wow $1 Rent

 SYDNEY - An Australian rural community desperate to encourage new families to move in and revitalize the town is offering to rent farm houses to interested families for one Australian dollar a week.The hamlet of Trundle, 350 km (215 miles) northwest of Sydney, has a population of 380.Like neighbouring communities, it has struggled with years of drought and is hoping that the cheap rent — the equivalent of 95 U.S. cents a week — will bring in new life and help fill up schoolrooms.“The numbers at school have been declining as is the number of people in town,” Dannielle Ward, Trundle Hotel publican, told Reuters, noting that things were tough for places like Trundle after a decade of drought.“Hopefully this might turn (things) around,” she said.The offer is extended to anyone looking for a “tree change and an adventure,” using a local expression that means moving to the sort of rural, relatively undeveloped country area known in Australia as “the bush.”

Salvador Dali tops Movember list of 'most famous moustaches'

Nineties wrestling icon Hulk Hogan and influential philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche secured top 5 positions in the greatest all-time 'taches poll, but the evergreen Bruce Forsyth came a disappointing eighth.
But the poll, conducted by men’s website MSN Him, has a number of notable absences - where for instance is Grouch Marx’s fine nose bug or Tom Selleck’s bushy mo’?
The Movember charity sees men the world over sprouting upper lip hair in the month of November to help raise awareness for prostate cancer. The name comes from the Australian slang for the ‘tache, 'mo' and the foundation behind the initiative are hoping to top the £26 million raised in Movember 2009. The survery of 14,144 British men aimed to chart the most iconic moustaches throughout history, with Salvador Dali’s daring, gravity-defying ‘tach
e proving a clear winner with 24% of the vote.

The full top 10:
1 - Salvador Dali
2 - Hulk Hogan
3 - Albert Einstein
4 - Friedrich Nietzsche
5 - Charlie Chaplin
6 - Freddie Mercury
7 - Daley Thompson
8 - Bruce Forsyth
9 - Jimi Hendrix
10 - Ian Botham

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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Have You seen A foot-shaped carrot

Gardener Stuart Boulton was toe-tally amazed - after growing a carrot in the shape of a FOOT.
Stuart, 46, did a double take as he dug up the bizarrely boot-iful veg.He said: "All the rest were perfectly normal but this one had toes! My mates have been giving me some stick about it, but I'm quite proud.
"I've grown foot-long carrots before but never foot-shaped ones." Pals urged allotment owner Stuart, of Darlington, Co Durham, to sell it as a novelty on eBay. But it's too late.Stuart has already popped it in a pot to make soup. He said: "It was delicious... and didn't taste a bit sweaty."

Man jailed for $6.22 block of cheese

 A Newfoundland and Labrador man has been sentenced two weeks behind bars for pocketing a $6.22 block of cheese.Paulus Simeon Semigak, 52, was sentenced Wednesday in Gander, N.L., reports CBC, after he was caught stealing cheese from a Sobeys grocery store in St. John’s. He was convicted of theft under $5,000. He also received one year of probation.Semigak has a 22-page criminal record, which shows a history of alcohol abuse and non-compliance with court orders.

Controversy- Backpack too racy for school

LAND O' LAKES — A boy's backpack with an illustration of a bikini-clad woman showing cleavage has led to standoff between the student's father and the principal at Richey Elementary. The father, Fred Ferrer, said Principal Ken Miesner went too far by saying that his 9-year-old son, Quentin, can't wear the backpack at school anymore.

Miesner, though, said the backpack is causing a disruption at the school and the illustration isn't appropriate for an elementary school setting, where some preschoolers are as young as 3.The principal acknowledged this is a new one on him. “I’ve never had to deal with an inappropriate backpack before," Miesner said. The backpack itself isn't new, though; just the controversy.Ferrer said Quentin, a fourth-grader, wore the backpack to school for about two years without any complaints. Last week, though, another parent noticed the illustration and complained to a secretary, who brought the backpack to the attention of teachers who told Miesner
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