Friday, December 23, 2011

I Love Boobies bracelet and Woman pleads not guilty to giving fatal penis-enhancing injection

Surprise-Baby George's mom an ex-prostitute

TORONTO - The mother at the centre of a case involving a missing dead infant is a former prostitute and drug user who once witnessed a shooting.
Nadia Ayyad, 23, made a brief appearance at Newmarket , Ont., court Thursday after being arrested a day earlier and charged in connection with the disappearance and death of her baby son George Doodhnaught. Baby George's father, Ricky Ray Doodhnaught, was arrested earlier in December. Ayyad, with long black hair hanging limp over her shoulders and dark circles under her eyes, stood in the prisoner's box, hands clasped in front of her. It wasn't her first time in a court of law. In 2010, Ayyad was the main witness at the London, Ont., attempted murder trial of a man accused of shooting a drug dealer she had lived with. 

Why-Top buzzword in 2012: 'Kate'

LOS ANGELES - In 2012, buzzwords will bow to the British royals with “Kate,” the Duchess of Cambridge, forecast as the most-used word in the media, according to a group that surveys the English language. The Texas-based Global Language Monitor Thursday said several factors will keep Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, in the news after her widely-watched wedding earlier this year to Britain’s Prince William. People will see “Kate” used extensively if she becomes pregnant, said Paul Payack, president of the group. And even if she doesn’t, the 2012 Olympics in London should heighten her exposure because she will serve as an ambassador to the games.
Born Catherine Middleton to a family of commoners, the duchess of Cambridge has been much discussed in the media this past year due to her marriage to Prince William, who could eventually become King of England.

What-Man wins Lamborghini, crashes it

SALT LAKE CITY — A truck driver who won a $380,000 Lamborghini in a convenience store contest crashed the sports car six hours after he got it, and he now plans to sell the 640-horsepower convertible because he can't afford the insurance or taxes. I already had offers on it. I'm going to sell

it," David Dopp said Wednesday. "I have bills more important than a Lamborghini. I've got a family to support." Dopp, a 34-year-old truck driver for Frito-Lay, spun out of control just a few hours after taking the keys to the Murcielago Roadster that he won in a "Joe Schmo to Lambo" contest sponsored by Maverik convenience stores. The lime green convertible was being held by his insurance company at a Utah towing yard. It will be sent to an authorized Las Vegas dealer for repairs next week. Dopp told The Associated Press the damage "isn't super bad" — a punctured oil pan and wheel and a few dents and scratches on the front and rear ends. The father of six said he couldn't afford to pay taxes on the car or the insurance, which runs $3,500 every six months

Idea-Student's choice: bowling or 'boobies'

WOODSTOCK, Ont.-- Thirteen-year-old Kelly Millson has spent half of the past week sitting alone in the principal's office at St. Rita's Catholic School. Not because he was being disruptive but because he chose to wear a bracelet that says "I Love Boobies." If he wears his bracelets Friday, he'll

likely have to miss out on a bowling trip with his classmates. "I guess I'll play it by ear," he said at his home Thursday. With the consent of his parents, Jackie Millson and Tim Smith, he bought the $3 bracelets at a local convenience store on Dec. 14. "I first saw a girl wearing them and I thought they were really cool and they support people with breast cancer," he said. "I never thought any of this would happen." When he wore them to school on Dec. 15, his teacher immediately took them away. His parents went to the school to retrieve the bracelets and told the teacher their son was allowed to wear them - unless it was against London District Catholic School Board policy. The school's principal, Suzanne Terpstra, told them Kelly could be suspended if he continued to wear the bracelets. "We're not having a fight with the school; we have agreed to disagree," his mom said. "It's not a yelling match back and forth. But I still think he should be allowed to wear them, and we support his decision to do that."

Woman pleads not guilty to giving fatal penis-enhancing injection

A NEW Jersey woman pleaded not guilty today to homicide charges in the death of a man whom she allegedly gave a penis-enhancing injection.
Kasia Rivera, 34, entered her plea in Superior Court in Newark and was returned to jail after being unable to pay her $75,000 bail, The Star-Ledger reported.

Prosecutors said 22-year-old
Justin Street
, a father of two, went to Rivera's home on May 6 seeking a silicon injection to enlarge his penis.
She allegedly administered the injection, which sent silicone directly into Street's bloodstream instead of tissue, Assistant Prosecutor William Neafsey said. He was taken to a hospital, where he died later.Rivera faces charges of manslaughter and unauthorised practice of medicine, according to The Star-Ledger. She was arrested on December 9.
Police said Rivera advertised in local bars with business cards claiming she could "enhance your beauty," WABC-TV reported.
Neafsey said other people could have sought illegal injections from her, and asked them to come forward."A lot of times people are embarrassed to talk about this, but we are not looking to humiliate people," he said. "We need to know about this because there's a health risk."

First girl in five generations for Ind. Family (video)
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Thursday, December 22, 2011

X-rated Christmas email wishing staff good sex and Lesbian couple kiss history


Weird-Man Dies after Eating Cocaine for Brother

Why- Road rage pepper spraying (Video)

Voluptuousness-Cocaine Curves Model Caught

What-X-rated Christmas email wishing staff 'good sex'

How Twitter reunited British schoolboy with pet chicken

Lesbian couple makes history with kiss

Wow-Twin sisters give birth to sons 13 mins apart

Voluptuousness-Cocaine stashed as implants Model Caught

ITALIAN airport police eyeing up a busty Spanish model's curves made a startling discovery - 2.5 kilograms of pure cocaine stashed as implants in her bust and backside.
The 33-year-old woman arriving in Rome from Sao Paulo in Brazil was wearing tight-fitting clothes to enhance her voluptuousness, hoping that her looks might distract the attention of border police, ANSA news agency reported today.The report said the woman drew suspicion however after giving unclear answers to questions about the reasons for her trip to Italy to an officer.The discovery was made when two female investigators conducted a strip search.
Smuggling methods through Rome's Fiumicino airport have become ever more ingenious, including cocaine found hidden inside baggage trolleys last year.
In June, police arrested traffickers who were smuggling 220 kilograms of cocaine hidden in crates of chalk statues shipped through Fiumicino.

What-X-rated Christmas email wishing staff 'good sex'

Euclides Santos, police chief in the central Portuguese city of Coimbra, was suspended after an x-rated power point presentation was emailed out to all municipal staff in place of a wholesome festive message. The presentation, featured on Portuguese television, included images of scantily clad women and was rounded off by Mr Santos wishing the 15,000 recipients success in the bedroom, Reuters reported.'Enough with insincere and useless words. What I wish you from the bottom of my heart, is that you have incredible sexual relations, live a merry and happy life, work hard and get well paid,' the slide said.Mr Santos' desperately attempted to alert staff to the 'error in the attachment', but his actions came too late to save himself from suspension

Local press said mayor Joao Barbosa de Melo believes the police chief should lose his job, as it was sent during work hours from his work email.A statement from Coimbra municipality read: 'After receiving a message containing content inconsistent with the prestige of this town hall in the municipal email box, an address to which all municipal employees have access to, the mayor has decided to initiate disciplinary proceedings.'
The message certainly stands in contrast to that from the UK's Association of Chief Police Officers this year, which focused on the 'greatest public order challenges in the history of British policing', the riots in August.

How Twitter reunited British schoolboy with pet chicken

When Tom Cowley lost his beloved pet chicken he was offered help from as far away as America. But as the age-old joke would have it, the wandering fowl was found much closer to home – after she merely ‘crossed the road’.
Animal lover Tom was devastated after Ginger escaped from his back garden. He feared he would never see the Gingernut Ranger hen again, but he hadn’t counted on Twitter.
After a frantic two-day search, the 11-year-old’s mother Louise logged on to share her distress and a US follower retweeted her post.
This was seen by Catherine Inglis, the founder of, who then contacted Louise to spread the word about missing Ginger.
In a stroke of luck, one of their posters was spotted by Emma Maloret, from Tiny Horizons nursery, who recognised the hen straight away as it was cosied up on the nursery farm.
Tiny Horizons is on the opposite side of the busy A43, where Tom lives, in Moulton, Northampton.

Nice-Lesbian couple makes history with kiss

PORTSMOUTH, VA. - History was made on a U.S pier when two women sailors, one just home from 80 days at sea, became what was believed to be the first same-sex couple to share the Navy’s traditional first kiss. At the pier in Virginia Beach on Wednesday where a crowd had gathered to welcome home loved ones, Petty Officer 2nd Class Marissa Gaeta, 23, stepped off a landing ship and planted a kissed her partner, Petty Officer 3rd Class Citlalic Snell, Navy spokeswoman Ensign Sylvia Landis confirmed.
Asked if they were the first same-sex couple to share the tradition, Landis said the Navy “doesn’t really keep track of stuff like that ... but it’s believed to be the first one.”
The kiss came after the U.S. military’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” rule regarding homosexuals was repealed earlier this year.
Landis said it was just a normal homecoming. “It’s just news to some people because for them (gays and lesbians), they don’t have to hide it anymore, I guess. It’s just a first; that’s why it’s significant to some people.” Gaeta, of Los Angeles, told a local newspaper that she had bought $50 worth of $1 tickets in a raffle run by the Family Readiness Group.
“Traditionally, when a family comes home there’s a raffle ... that each sailor or family member buys tickets to,” Landis explained. “They draw names for winners of first hugs and first kisses.” She said money raised in the raffle would be used for a Christmas party for children of sailors.

Weird-Man Dies after Eating Cocaine for Brother

DECEMBER 20--A South Carolina man died soon after he ingested an ounce of cocaine that had been hidden in his brother’s buttocks, according to police.
Deangelo Mitchell, 23, and his brother Wayne, 20, were being transported to jail in the back of a North Charleston Police Department cruiser on November 30 when the duo began whispering about narcotics hidden inside the older sibling.Following an earlier traffic stop, the Mitchells were arrested when a cop found three small bags of cocaine underneath a rear seat of their 2001 Chrysler.As seen on footage recorded in the back of the squad car, Deangelo Mitchell (pictured above) encouraged his brother to ingest the cocaine. The older Mitchell, who has a lengthy rap sheet, apparently was concerned that he could face life in prison if convicted of a narcotics charge. “I can’t get no more strikes,” he told his brother.
Deangelo Mitchell also directed his brother to “Eat that shit” and “Chew that shit.”At one point, Wayne Mitchell, who is handcuffed, can be seen reaching back to retrieve the cocaine from his brother. He then drops his head and begins to chew and swallow the cocaine.

Wow-Twin sisters give birth to sons 13 mins apart

Call it twin-tuition.Twin sisters Nicole and Danielle Fisher gave birth to sons 13 minutes apart in Voorhees, N.J., this week.
The fraternal twins were born 12 minutes apart 23 years ago."It just has something to do with twin communication," Nicole told the Courier Post from Virtua Hospital on Wednesday.Their due dates were more than a month apart and the pair ended up in the hospital at the same time.
Nicole said she could feel her fraternal twin's pain when Danielle went into labour at on Monday.
On Tuesday morning, two weeks early, Nicole's water broke while she drove to the store.Danielle delivered Johnathan at and Maximus arrived at
"We've always had that twin intuition growing up, for some reason," Nicole said.

Why- Road rage pepper spraying (Video)
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