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Video of Student who 'bedded' teacher scores $400 in bet and another teacher had sex with 16-year-old student


Video-Student who 'bedded' teacher scores $400 in wager with buddies

Surprise-Man interviews for job, ends up getting detained for 1975 murder

How this happen-Hulk can't get green paint off

 HS teacher had sex with 16-year-old student in her office 

What-Teens Tried to Trade Sex for McDonald’s Meal: Cops

How this happen-Hulk can't get green paint off

A Brazilian man has tried everything short of gamma rays to get the green body paint off his skin after he dressed as the Hulk for a charity run. According to the Brazilian newspaper Extra, Paulo Henrique dos Santos dressed up as the angry Marvel hero for the Challenge for Peace run in Rio de Janeiro, a fitting costume for the muscular man.
But after 20 baths, he still can't get the body paint off.
"I spent hours in the bath trying to get this makeup and nothing," the 35-year-old said, in a quote roughly translated from Portuguese. "I had to ask for help from my girlfriend. The worst is that the ink has not decreased. The product is impregnated in my body. Even rubbing soap, still green." To sleep, he's had to cover the floor of his bedroom with plastic bags

Surprise-Man interviews for job, ends up getting detained for 1975 murder

A Washington, D.C., man was detained for first-degree murder when a background check for a new job revealed an outstanding warrant in one of the oldest cold case murders in Montgomery County.
Bobby Coley, 63, of southeast Washington, was applying for work as a temp Tuesday, when a background check uncovered an outstanding warrant in his name. When Coley went to the sheriff’s office to clear his name and land the job, he had no idea the warrant was for murder. We weren’t finding anything, and so we finally looked in judicial case search and we actually saw that a warrant popped up under that name, Bobby Coley, and it said, ‘first-degree murder,’” Montgomery County Sheriff Darren Popkin said.

What a bet-Video-Student who 'bedded' teacher scores $400 in wager with buddies

He got the girl — and he got paid!
The high-school senior caught on camera locking lips with his hot-to-trot teacher won a bet with four of his buddies to see who would hook up with her first, The Post has learned.
Eric Arty, 18, beat his pals — who each ponied up $100 — to win the jackpot as well as the affections of glamorous global-studies teacher Julie Warning, 26.

“It was a bet with a group of his friends,” said Andrew Cabrera, a junior at Manhattan Theater Lab HS, where Warning worked until Tuesday, when she was reassigned to an administrative job.
“They gave him the $500 [pot],’’ Cabrera said, referring to Eric and the four other contenders who made their wager about three months into the school year.
Their romance was first reported yesterday by The Post — which ran a front-page picture of the duo smooching Friday at Bleecker Playground in the Village.
The case has been turned over to the Department of Education Special Commissioner of Investigations

IN HIDING: Teacher Julie Warning, here in Facebook photo, failed to show up for reassignment yesterday after being yanked from class for romantic involvement with Eric Arty (inset).

Cabrera dished yesterday that Arty began the race as a long shot. “He would go after class and basically try to seduce her,’’ he said. “I don’t know if she knew [about the bet]. They were all trying to get with her. One of his [Arty’s] friends flirted with her more than anyone — I thought he would be the one, but Eric came out of nowhere and got her.”

GRINNER: A smug-looking Eric Arty yesterday is shown his Post front-page sexploits by a pal in Washington Heights.

Other students described how Warning at first tried to resist the teenagers’ charms — throwing them out of her classroom when they would turn up to hit on her.
“He [Arty] would flirt with her,” said one junior who requested anonymity because school officials warned students not to talk. “She would try to avoid it because she was his teacher. She was a nice teacher and didn’t want to report him, and she would throw him and his friends out of class for trying to flirt with her,” the student said.
Arty’s friends showed up outside his Washington Heights home yesterday — with copies of the New York Post in hand — to salute their conquering hero, shouting, “Eric’s da’ man!”
The teacher bet was the talk of the school yesterday.
“This has probably been going on for a while now because the signs have been there,” said Maia Torruella, 16, a sophomore.
“The way they act together . . . When he walks into the room, her face lights up,’’ she said. “And when he’s gone, she’s boring. You can tell he’s still on her mind.
“They’re always so nice to each other. He flirts with a lot of girls, sure, but Miss Warning, ohhhhh!”
Warning was a no-show when she was supposed to report to her new desk job yesterday and could not be reached for comment.

Married Brooklyn HS teacher had sex with 16-year-old student in her office: probe

A Brooklyn high-school English teacher who was supposed to be tutoring a 16-year-old student instead plied him with pot and repeatedly had sex with him in her school office, the boy’s lawyer charged yesterday.

Erin Sayar, 36, had oral sex and intercourse with then-16-year-old Kevin Eng at least eight times, “including times that occurred on school grounds in [her] office,” at James Madison HS, according to a $10 million notice of claim filed by lawyer Bruce Baron.
Sayar — a married mother of a young girl — gave the youth pot from a stash she kept hidden in her school-office filing cabinet, Baron said.
And the duo exchanged an astounding 3,856 text messages over a 17-day period in December — an average of 227 per day, according to a report by school investigators.
The teacher — who was removed from the classroom in January — has not been criminally charged.
But school investigators have turned the evidence over to Brooklyn DA Charles Hynes and recommended she be fired
The teacher arranged to tutor the teen twice a week in her office, but one day last November the boy’s girlfriend spotted them flirting and got suspicious, the investigative report said.
The girl hacked the teen’s Facebook account and found messages to Sayar that said, “I love you so much” and “I always loved you, since last year.”
The teacher responded, “Oh no — I’m not putting myself out there again. I made that mistake last night and you couldn’t handle it.”
But she gave the teen her cell number and ordered him to delete their exchanges, the report said.
The outraged girl turned the messages over to school officials, and her boyfriend allegedly admitted he had sex with Sayar eight to 12 times, according to the report.
In one midnight rendezvous, Sayar came to his house and picked him up in her SUV.
“Eventually, they began kissing and then engaged in sexual intercourse and oral sex inside the SUV,” the report said, adding that the boy described tattoos on intimate parts of Sayar’s body.

What-Teens Tried to Trade Sex for McDonald’s Meal: Cops

Two Arizona teenagers have been accused of trying to trade sex for food at a local McDonald’s.
Police in Tempe arrested 18-year-old Faelyn Ritz after allegedly watching her and a 14-year-old girl discuss the fast food for sex swap with two transients, reported.

When confronted by an officer, Ritz reportedly copped to the illicit deal and also revealed that she had been a prostitute since age 15.
Ritz was sent to jail and faces child prostitution charges for allegedly helping the younger girl solicit sex, according to ABC15.

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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Student Sex Video Broadcast at School Graduation and Google Book full of porn and racism


Why Hollywood gay club bans bachelorettes
What happen-Google Book full of 'porn, racism'
Tough punishment-Honour student jailed for missing class
Wow-Scientists develop needle-less injection ( Video)

How-Waiter Gets $5,000 Tip on $27 Bill

What happen-Student Sex Video Broadcast at High School Graduation

Why -Hollywood gay club bans bachelorettes

A gay nightclub in West Hollywood, Calif., refuses to play host to straight women's bachelorette parties until same-sex marriage is legal nationwide.

"We love our straight girlfriends coming in to celebrate one of the happiest days of their life," David Cooley, owner of the Abbey nightclub, told NBC. "But it's also a slap in the face to my customers and my life that we can't have that same celebration."

It's a significant move for the club, which hosts dozens of bachelorette parties every weekend. The male go-go dancers are a big draw for the soon-to-be-wed ladies.
Patrons of the club expressed mixed reactions to the new rule.
Everyone should be able to get married, Roshanna Sabaratnam said. We shouldn't, as straight people, be flaunting it in front of people who can't

Tough punishment-Honour student jailed for missing class

Playing hooky is illegal in Texas, where a 17-year-old honour student who works full time and supports her siblings was recently sentenced to jail for missing class.
Last month, Judge Lanny Moriarty sentenced Diane Tran, a Grade 11 student in Houston, to 24 hours behind bars and a $100 fine.
"If you let one (truant student) run loose, what are you gonna do with the rest of 'em? Let them go too?" Moriarty told
Tran told KHOU she's often late and absent because she's exhausted from working a full-time job and a part-time job ever since her parents split up "out of the blue" and both moved away, leaving her in Willis, Texas.
She also helps to pay for her older brother's university education and helps financially support her baby sister, who lives with relatives in Houston.
Tran lives with the family who owns the wedding venue where she works. Her other job is at a dry cleaner's.

"She goes from job to job, from school she stays up 'til 7 o'clock in the morning," Devin Hill, Tran's friend, co-worker and classmate, said.
What happen-Google Book full of 'porn, racism'

About half of the Google Book is "revolting medical photos, porn, racism or bad cartoons" -- and it could be yours. Two U.K. artist/geeks ran some computer code and replaced all 21,000 words in an average dictionary with the first Google image that pops up for each word.
The result is a 1,240-page tome of the best and worst of Google's image search algorithm, laid out in colourful columns, in alphabetical order -- starting with a picture of an aardvark. The thumb-indexed pages are bound in a swirl-patterned hardcover.

"If the Internet goes off, you made need this reference book Felix and I made," artist Ben West says on his website.

"It's really an unfiltered, uncritical record of the state of human culture in 2012," West told "I would estimate about half of the book is revolting medical photos, porn, racism or bad cartoons."
West and co-artist Felix Heyes hope to print a small number of the books for sale. Anyone interested in signing up can visit their websites at and

Wow-Scientists develop needle-less injection (video)

Scientists at MIT have developed a high-pressure "jet-injection" device that shoots medicine through the skin painlessly (or very nearly painlessly).
The device can benefit diabetics and others who have to self-inject but are squeamish and avoid doctors' orders.
"We think this kind of technology - gets around some of the phobias that people may have about needles," research team member Catherine Hogan said.
The injector, which looks like a small cylindrical gun, works by means of a powerful magnet attached to a piston that ejects the drug at very high pressure and velocity out through the nozzle -- which, the researchers said, is the size of a mosquito's proboscis. So the injection should feel like nothing more than a mosquito bite.
The MIT team's device is a breakthrough because, unlike the jet-based injectors on the market today, it can deliver a range of doses to various depths under the skin, and with more precision. Giving a baby a vaccination, for instance, requires less pressure than a shot to an adult.

What happen-Student Sex Video Broadcast at High School Graduation

Offended: The clip spliced into the school video at Gammel Hellerup Gymnasium outraged watching parents and teachers
This cap and gown ceremony included X-rated pomp and circumstance too.
A graduation ceremony at a high school in Denmark was reportedly interrupted when a video showing a male student’s sexual encounter with a woman was broadcast on a big screen.

The indecent broadcast in front of about 450 people happened during the showing of a film about the graduating class at Gammel Hellerup Gymnasium, The Copenhagen Post reported.
While displaying a host of student-submitted photos and video featuring images of smiling

Tampering: The film was supposed to show pictures of the graduating pupils' schooldays (file picture)

teens, the film transitioned to what seemed like hidden camera footage of one of the graduating students having sex, according to the Copenhagen Post. The woman was not a student at the school.
Jørgen Rasmussen, the headteacher at Gammel Hellerup Gymnasium, told a local news source he did not hold the male student shown in the video responsible for the graduation day snafu.
Instead, Rasmussen blamed those who secretly recorded the sex tape and uploaded it to the graduation video.
"We've agreed not to press charges," Rasmussen told Berlingske Nyhedsbureau. "However, we have encouraged the two young people who appear in the video to proceed with the case. It is really them, and not the school, that was violated."

How-Waiter Gets $5,000 Tip on $27 Bill

What's better than a 20 percent tip? How about nearly 20,000?
A Houston waiter, who lost his car in a severe storm several weeks ago, received a $5,000 tip from a couple over the weekend. The customers, regulars at D’Amico’s Italian Market Café in Rice Village, gave the wad of cash to Greg Rubar Saturday. They told him to buy himself a new car, KHOU-TV reported.“I told them thank you when they gave it to me, I knew it was money, but I didn’t know how much,” he told the TV station. “Maybe like a half hour after they left I went in the bathroom and I opened it, and looked at it and I could tell it was $5,000 because it was still wrapped, it still had the band on it from the bank.”Rubar has worked at D’Amico for 16 years. In that time has received a number of large tips but nothing as generous as 18,518 percent.
What this tells me is that there are people out there willing to help people, he told the Houston Chronicle.Rubar said he plans to use the money to buy a car as his customers intended. The couple that tipped him wished to remain anonymous.

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