Friday, December 21, 2012

Why Three-time Olympian became a prostitute, snakes hatch in toddler's closet and Woman attacked with poop


Why Three-time Olympian became a prostitute, snakes hatch in toddler's closet and Woman attacked with poop

Here is Top 5 Weird, Funny & sexy News of Dec 19, 2012 in reverse order.......


Top 5-Town called ‘End of the World’ has signs stolen

Locals at a settlement in Poland named End of the World are probably hoping it does all finish after continually having their signposts stolen by apocalypse believers. Residents of Koniec Swiata have accused outsiders, who believe the Mayan prophecy, of taking the

signage and making their daily lives difficult. ‘Our name means literally End Of The World, so once the doomsday hunters found this out they wouldn’t leave us alone,’ said 50-year-old local Roman Adamus. ‘We’ve lost six of them this year so enough is enough and they’re coming down.’
Irritated neighbour Marianna Warszawska added the people that were pinching the signs were causing a lot of problems. ‘I’ve lived here all my life and these people are a bloody nightmare,’ the 85-year-old said. ‘Hopefully they’ll leave us alone when the world doesn’t end.’ The Mayan calendar predicted the world would expire on December 21 (that’s today).

Top 4-Woman attacked with sock full of poop


Talk about a crappy train ride. A woman was attacked with a sock filled with feces on Chicago transit last week. The 21-year-old told the Pioneer Press the man boarded the train at the same time she did, and attacked her at the next stop. "He had a sock full of his poop on me," she told the paper. "It was everywhere -- on my face, my hair, my clothes." Her attacker got off the train and ran, she said. Police searched for him nearby but couldn't locate him. The Chicago Transit Authority has given cops images of a "person of interest" from its high-definition security cameras. The woman said it would've been less degrading if she'd just been hit. "The worst part is nobody had anything to wipe my face with," she said in the report. She found some newspapers before paramedics arrived with towels and water. The woman said her attacker didn't utter a word and she has no clue why she was picked.


Top 3-Fishermen catch a Porsche Cayenne (What a surprise)


THE ocean is full of surprises, but a group of Chinese fishermen got a huge one when they found a Porsche in their nets The Porsche Cayenne SUV – which sells from around $110,000 here – was landed while the crew was recently fishing off the Coast of Beihai in China, Carsguide reports.  The Cayenne was covered in seaweed and barnacles, with its state pointing to it having been underwater for at least two years according to experts called in to assess it

Top 2-Deadly snakes hatch in toddler's closet


Snake experts say a three-year-old Australian boy could have easily been killed after the eggs he found and stashed in his bedroom closet hatched seven of the world's most venomous snakes. Kyle Cumming found a clutch of eggs in his family's yard near the city of Townsville a few weeks ago and put them in a takeout food container in his closet, the Townsville Bulletin reported. His mother found the container Monday and realized it was full of eastern brown snakes, the second most deadly land snakes in the world. "I was pretty shocked, particularly because I don't like snakes," the boy's mother Donna Sim told the newspaper. Baby snakes are known to be just as venomous as adults. "It was incredibly lucky the mother snake was not still around when Kyle collected the eggs," reptile expert Kieran Aland told the Bulletin. Sims took the snakes to a wildlife sanctuary where officials released them back into the wild.

Top 1-Three-time Olympian became a $600/hour prostitute-Why this happen (video)

Suzy Favor Hamilton was a top American middle-distance runner from the early 1990s to 2000, a three-time Olympian after becoming a nine-time N.C.A.A. champion at Wisconsin. She was so accomplished that the Big Ten Conference named the award given to its female athlete of the year in her honor. So it came as a shock Thursday when Favor Hamilton, 44, told the Web site The Smoking Gun that for the past year, her life as a real estate agent, mother and motivational speaker had also included work as a $600-an-hour prostitute for an escort service in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Chicago and other cities. She called the behavior "a huge mistake.
The disclosure, while startling, followed admissions by Favor Hamilton in recent years that her stellar running career and her personal life had sometimes been troubled. Since retiring, Favor Hamilton has said she felt enormous pressure as an athlete, not only to win but to be perfect.
And she has said that she struggled with family tragedy, self-doubt and an eating disorder while trying to succeed in a sport that gains significant attention once every four years during the Summer Olympics, where winners are celebrated, usually briefly, and where losers are quickly forgotten after putting enormous effort into one moment. At the 2000 Sydney Games, Favor Hamilton later said, she fell on purpose in the homestretch of the 1,500 meters when she realized she could not win the gold medal. She told The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel last summer that she had developed postpartum depression after the birth of her daughter, now 7, and was taking Zoloft, an antidepressant. Still, she seemed upbeat in the interview, saying, "I feel better than I've ever felt." On Thursday, though, Favor Hamilton made one more personal revelation about a secret life. In postings on Twitter, Favor Hamilton wrote that she began "escorting" because it provided "coping mechanisms" and "escape" from a life in which she continued to feel depressed and struggled with her marriage. "I realize I have made highly irrational choices and I take full responsibility for them," Favor Hamilton wrote. "I am not a victim here and knew what I was doing." She added: "I do not expect people to understand, but the reasons for doing this made sense to me at the time and were very much related to depression. As crazy as I know it seems, I never thought I would be exposed, therefore never hurting anybody.
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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Watching porn can cause memory loss, Skeleton lover woman found guilty and Australian road rage video

Watching porn can cause memory loss, Skeleton lover woman found guilty and Australian road rage video

Here is Top 5 Weird, Funny & sexy News of Dec 19, 2012 in reverse order.......


Top 5-Australian road rage video captures attack

A 21-year-old Australia man will be charged after a man videotaped an extreme case of road rage, during which another driver rammed into his car seven times, forced him to drive off the road and jumped on his windshield, smashing it with his fists. The man

turned himself in to police after he was shown on Australian current affairs show Today Tonight on Tuesday, the news program said Wednesday.

Top 4-Woman caught on tape attacking native protest vehicle

LONDON, Ont. - Police have laid mischief charges after a woman was caught on video using a hammer to attack a car in Wednesday’s Idle No More protest in London, Ont. The video is now getting thousands of hits on YouTube. In it, a woman walks out of an

apartment building holding a hammer as the protest winds calmly through her neighbourhood. She steps into the street, appearing to shout into the windows of protesters traveling in the slow-moving cars as she waves the hammer around. Suddenly she whacks the hammer into trunk of a light blue Ford, turns around and walks away.

Top 3-Teaching assistant twin sisters are tag team wrestlers


By day, twins Lucy and Kelly Knott are teaching assistants but at night the twosome are tag team wrestlers. Known as the Blossom Twins, the sisters, 24, of Stockport, in Greater Manchester, compete all over the world. Their crop top outfits, wrestling moves and cupcakes they hand out at fights has won them legions of fans. ‘We used to love watching wrestling with our brother when we were younger and we decided together it was what we wanted to do,’ Kelly said. Since then we have lived and breathed wrestling whenever

we can. We really are living the dream – to be able to teach while wrestling is incredible.’Now they’re set to be TV stars by appearing on TNA British Boot Camp, which starts on New Year’s Day on Challenge.Lucy added: ‘As twins we’re definitely at an advantage as a tag team. Wrestling is something we love to do – and it’s even better that we can do it together.

Top 2-Skeleton lover woman found guilty

37-year-old Swedish woman with an admitted obsession with skeletons has been convicted of disturbing the peace of the dead for allegedly using human bones for sexual purposes. In issuing its ruling on Monday, the Gothenburg District Court also convicted the woman of weapons crimes, sentencing her to probation and ordering that she undergo treatment for addiction and psychiatric problems. The woman has continually denied committing any crimes, telling the local Göteborgs-Posten (GP) newspaper that she is an "odd bird" but that she is "not sexually interested in necrophilia". She had argued that she acquired the skeletons legally and that she handled the bones in a respectful manner and that her actions weren't covered by Sweden's laws against disturbing the peace of the dead. But the woman was found to have kept some bones scattered on the floor in her home, stored skulls in plastic bags, and to have sold some bones to others."Criminal protection starts when a person dies, and the protection remains as long as there are remains of the deceased," the court wrote in a statement.

Top 1-Watching porn can cause memory loss


People who are addicted to watching pornography online are at an increased risk of suffering short-term memory loss. This is according to new research out of Germany where scientists conducted studies on 28 heterosexual men. We're not sure what compelled the researchers to conduct this study, but they say it could have real-world implications. The men had to look at a number of images, some pornographic and some nonsexual, reports the Daily Mail. While looking at each image, they had to tap a 'yes' or 'no' button to indicate if they had seen the same image four slides earlier. The volunteers got a lot more wrong after looking at a pornographic image — they pressed the correct button 80 per cent of the time if they viewed a clean slideshow and only 67 per cent of the time when viewing a pornographic gallery

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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Nude and full moon grape harvesting, broken penis injury and teenager put up for sale for £2.50 Job


Nude and full moon grape harvesting, broken penis injury and teenager put up for sale for £2.50 Job

Here is Top 5 Weird, Funny & sexy News of Dec 19, 2012 in reverse order.......

Top 5-Woman's Dead Husband Divorced Her 8 Years Ago -- And She Had No Idea

It's hard when you lose your spouse after more than 30 years of marriage. For New York City woman Vivian Pitt Dowers, however, that marriage was a lot shorter than she realized. Eight years shorter. Because her husband had divorced her in 2002, and she had


no idea when this happen. What's worse, the divorce was going to cut her out of his $44,000 life-insurance payout and his pension. Seventy-five-year-old Vivian Dowers had to get a lawyer to help her fight David's older children to keep the estate of her late supposed-husband. But how could she be divorced and not even know it?

Video appears to show eagle snatching kid in Montreal –Very nice shot

MONTREAL - Did an eagle really lift a toddler off the ground on Montreal's Mount Royal? That's what a YouTube video, uploaded Tuesday evening, and appears to show. The large bird is seen hovering in the sky over Montreal for a few seconds before it swoops down on the child while a man stands nearby.

Dance the night away in a LED remote skirt-very nice and hot skirt


Dance the night away in a LED skirt Shine on the Dance Floor with Remote-Controlled LED Club Clothes.

Job-hunting teenager put up for sale for £2.50


A teen jobseeker is so desperate for work he has advertised himself in the For Sale column of a newspaper. Jack Hill has given himself the bargain price tag of £2.50 for any employer willing to give him an unpaid trial. The 18-year-old said he took the drastic step after applying for more than 10 jobs a week and getting nowhere. Taking out the free ad in local paper the Evening Gazette, he told would-be employers: “Apprentice mechanic, young, keen and reliable 18-year-old with full-time welding experience. "Currently studying motor vehicle maintenance and repair. Looking for apprenticeship or training. Willing to do free trial.” It was published alongside the usual ads for toys, prams, cots, keep-fit equipment and second-hand bikes.
Jack lives in Middlesbrough, which has the third highest unemployment rate in the country. And he said: “It is very hard to get a job at present in this region with unemployment being so high. “I have had a welding apprenticeship and am a fully qualified welder. But I really want to be a car mechanic. “I have been trying everything to get an apprenticeship as a motor vehicle technician, making at least 10 applications a week. “So I thought why not advertise myself and put myself out there?”Jack is studying vehicle maintenance and repairs at college part-time while looking for work as far afield as Newcastle and York.

Broken penis: MMA fighter Ray Elbe discusses "most unimaginable" injury ever


Mixed martial arts fighters are used to dealing with pain, but for former Ultimate Fighter hopeful Ray Elbe, he had no choice but to tap out to the most painful experience of his life after breaking his penis. Elbe had previously come close to making a name for himself in the UFC's reality TV show, The Ultimate Fighter, but lost out in the preliminary bouts to decide the season's housemates in 2009. Unfortunately for him, Elbe has now hit the headlines for rather less pleasant reasons, after sustaining a broken penis while having sex with his girlfriend while in Malaysia on December 3. Incredibly, Elbe has not only gone public with the painful and harrowing story, he's taken to YouTube to give a first-hand account of his injury. In a self-posted video that is not recommended for those with a delicate disposition, Elbe explained - in surprisingly matter-of-fact tone - what happened. “I was having intercourse with my girlfriend... and ended up breaking - fracturing - my penis bone.  It's actually possible guys." He revealed the injury caused intense bleeding and led to him passing out from the pain. He was rushed to hospital for emergency surgery which, thankfully for Elbe, was declared a success. “The doctor expects a full recovery... keeping it safe doesn't mean just wearing a condom! “On his personal blog, Elbe also explained why he went public with his injury. “The biggest problem people suffering from this medical emergency encounter are not immediately seeking medical attention, usually due to the same emotions I initially felt about the accident," Elbe explained.

Nude and full moon grape harvesting-Nice tradition

ECCENTRIC Queensland winemaker Mike Hayes will harvest some of his grapes in the nude during a full moon to revive an ancient winemaking ritual. Mr. Hayes, 48, from Symphony Hill Wines on the Granite Belt, said he was studying 4000-year-old winemaking techniques as part of a Churchill Fellowship. He said the first records of

naked harvesting and naked crushing of the fruit with bare feet came from Georgia, an independent state of the former Soviet Union and the birthplace of winemaking. "I don't know if it will work, but I'm certainly going to give it a shot," he said. "The ancients believed the moon drew energy from the grapes and goodness from the soil - just as the moon pulls the tides." However, many cultures study the lunar cycles and engage in all kinds of mystical rites before harvest. Hayes says there is certain logic to bare-cheek winemaking. "Clothing made from animal hides would no doubt contain bacteria that would taint the winemaking process. “He said the bible also records Noah running naked through a vineyard. Hayes will begin by harvesting gewürztraminer, an aromatic white variety in March, and follow up in April with a nude harvest of his nebbiolo, the Italian red blockbuster.
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