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Nurse hot act with corpse Woman Smuggling Cocaine and Heroin In her private part and man shoot own penis


Top 5 Weird, Funny & sexy News stories of Jan 23, 2013 in reverses order.......

Top 5-Japan's finance minister to elderly: 'Hurry up and die' –Nice message

Japan's finance minister said the elderly should "hurry up and die" to save the government medical costs. Taro Aso, 72, made the controversial comments Monday at a National Council on Social Security Reforms meeting in a country where the population is living longer and fertility rates are low amid a deflated economy. "Heaven forbid if
you are forced to live on when you want to die. You cannot sleep well when you think it's all being paid for by the government. "This won't be solved unless you let them hurry up and die," Aso said, according to reports.
Aso also reportedly referred to patients not capable of eating on their own as "tube persons." He later apologized and told reporters he was referring to his own personal wishes. "I said what I personally believe, not what the end-of-life medical care system should be," he told reporters, according to AFP. "It is important that you can spend the final days of your life peacefully."

Top 4-Student accused of hacking the portal it offered him a job –Nice payback


MONTREAL - If you can't beat 'em, hire 'em. The firm that runs a community college website was so impressed with a student accused of hacking the portal it offered him a job. Skytech Communications, which manages the Dawson College website, made the offer to Ahmed Al-Khabaz after his expulsion came to light this week. The 20-year-old was kicked out of Quebec's largest community college in November after exposing a flaw in a student database run by Skytech. Dawson admits Al-Khabaz exposed the security gap but says it expelled him after he ignored orders to stop accessing the system, which includes online student accounts.

Top 3-Guard charged after accidentally shooting off own penis


Tobago was charged with illegal possession of a firearm and ammunition after he accidentally shot off his own penis. Police in the Caribbean island nation said they were called at around 8 a.m. Sunday by a resident of Rio Claro who heard a gunshot coming from a parked car, the Trinidad and Tobago Guardian newspaper reported. When they arrived at the scene, police found a 33-year-old man slumped behind the car's steering wheel, bleeding from his groin. Police said officers found a .38-calibre gun with four rounds of ammunition in the man's front right pocket, the Guardian reported. The man was taken to hospital and placed under police guard. Police said he didn't have a licence for the weapon, the Guardian reported. 

Top 2- Woman Smuggling Cocaine & Heroin In her private part-What a new trick

JANUARY 22--Meet Samantha Kurdilla. The 22-year-old was walking back into the United States last week from Tijuana, Mexico when a drug detection dog “alerted to a narcotic odor” emanating from her “groin area.”
Kurdilla was walking arm-in-arm with James Perry, who announced, “I’m not with her” when the canine signaled interest in his female companion. Detained at a “pedestrian crossing facility” by Customs and Border Protection agents, Kurdilla was asked if she was “bringing anything from Mexico.”In response, the Pennsylvania resident “gave two negative declarations,” according to a January 18 probable cause statement. Claiming that she was returning to a Best Western hotel in San Diego, Kurdilla (seen above) told investigators that she had been partying with Perry, 44, in Tijuana, where they had been smoking marijuana.
Despite Kurdilla’s denials, federal agents later determined that she had a condom filled with 100 grams of cocaine “within her vaginal cavity.” After being read her rights, Kurdilla admitted to drug smuggling “in exchange for compensation,” adding that the cocaine--worth several thousand dollars--belonged to Perry.When he was questioned, Perry reportedly confessed to the smuggling attempt, saying that he directed Kurdilla to hide the narcotics in her vagina so that he could resell the cocaine in the U.S..In addition to the confessions, federal agents retrieved some particularly damning evidence during a search of Kurdilla’s cell phone. Text messages sent to an unknown individual left little doubt as to what Kurdilla was doing south of the border.“I’m smuggling cocaine and heroin in my coochie,” Kurdilla wrote.A felony complaint filed against Kurdilla and Perry only references cocaine, so it is unclear whether Kurdilla’s statement about heroin in her coochie was incorrect (or perhaps she was referring to a separate smuggling attempt).Kurdilla and Perry are scheduled for separate court appearances Thursday in U.S. District Court in San Diego. According to her Facebook page, Kurdilla previously worked at the Meadows Racetrack and Casino in Washington, Pennsylvania, about 25 miles south of Pittsburgh.

Top 1-Nurse accused of sex act with corpse-Nice examination


LOS ANGELES - A nurse was arrested for committing a sex act with a corpse at a hospital, police said Tuesday. Alejandro Lazo, 61, was arrested at Sherman Oaks Hospital on Sunday for investigation of a state Health and Safety Code violation, a felony. Lazo, who lives in suburban Reseda, was released after posting $20,000 bail, and he must appear in court on Feb. 11. There is no attorney of record and no telephone listing for Lazo. Someone at the San Fernando Valley hospital reported seeing Lazo engaged in a sex act with the body, Officer Bruce Borihanh said Investigators haven't disclosed whether the body was that of a man or a woman, Borihanh said.
A voicemail message left with Van Nuys Division detectives wasn't immediately returned.The hospital wouldn't provide any details about the incident or the nurse."We're deferring all comment to the LAPD," said hospital spokesman Ed Barrera.Anyone who commits an act of sexual penetration on, or has sexual contact with, human remains without lawful authority is guilty of a felony, according to the California Health and Safety Code."Sexual contact means any willful touching by a person of an intimate part of a dead human body for the purpose of sexual arousal, gratification, or abuse," the code states.
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Monday, January 21, 2013

How a teacher avoid jail after hot action with student and Man Goes to Jail for Poking Holes in Condoms to Girlfriend Pregnant


Top 5 Weird, Funny & sexy News stories of Jan 21, 2013 in reverses order.......


Top 5-Woman's thumb bitten off during argument –Anger is bad for all

A Florida woman no longer has her left thumb after her boyfriend bit it off while driving her to work. The on-again, off-again couple were arguing on the commute to work, and the woman pushed her boyfriend's head. He responded by biting off her thumb, Florida Today reported. "He bit it completely off and spit it out on the floorboard," a spokeswoman for the Palm Bay, Fla., police told the paper. Police said he

has confessed to the attack. The woman was treated at the hospital, but doctors were unable to re-attach her thumb. Her boyfriend has been charged with aggravated battery. He is being held in a clear-walled cell that allows for constant supervision of inmates who police think may harm them, the paper said, or who haven't been cleared by mental-health staff.
(Source QMI Agency)

Top 4-Subway footlong sub only 11 inches-strange measurement (truth is bitter)

Eleven inches appears to be the size of Subway's footlong sandwich, according to a stream of photos posted online by angry customers around the world. The controversy began earlier this week when an Australian man posted a photo on the company's

Facebook page of his footlong sub alongside a measuring tape that read 11 inches, with the caption "subway pls respond." Later, the photo appeared to have been deleted. Since then, customers have posted photos and comments of their short subs. Lori Olsen Arnholy, from Wooster, Ohio, said on Facebook her family regularly eats at Subway and decided to measure their sandwiches to see for themselves. She said she bought six footlong subs Monday and four of them were just 11 inches long. "I always thought I was always getting 12" subs ... I do smell a lawsuit," she said. Some customers vowed to never eat at the restaurant again. "I will NEVER buy anything from Subway now. Ever," posted Marius Andre Stensaker.
(Source QMI Agency)

Top 3-Cancer Survivor Allegedly Fired for Taking Medical Leave-Bad Company


An Oceanside woman is suing her former employer for allegedly firing her for taking medical and family leave. Was she unfairly fired? Or did she show little commitment to the job, leading her employer to believe she no longer wanted to work there? That is the issue in a civil suit that the plaintiff's attorney says should serve as a word of caution. Vivienne Parra, 39, says she took three weeks of leave from her job when she had a mastectomy in 2009, and then another three weeks when she delivered her baby, now four years old. In between, she says she went to work as best she could, considering all of her medical appointments, always giving her employer advanced notice and documentation.

Top 2-Man Goes To Jail for Poking Holes in Condoms to Get His Girlfriend Pregnant (bad idea)


This is an interesting- and somewhat creepy- story. Craig Jaret Hutchinson of Nova Scotia has been sentenced to 18 months in jail for poking holes in his girlfriend’s condoms. He and his girlfriend had been dating for several months when things started to get a bit shaky. Thinking that the only way to keep her around was to get her pregnant, he poked holes in the condoms. And it worked- he got her pregnant. The woman, only being identified as N.C., ended up getting an abortion and suffered “painful complications” for two weeks afterwards. Hutchinson was convicted of sexual assault in December of 2011. He appealed the ruling at the Nova Scotia Court of Appeal, but the decision released on Thursday was 4-1 not in his favor. The sentence was deemed fit and stands.
A text message from November 6th of 2006 read: “I wanted a baby with you so bad, I sabotaged the condoms. “The woman, only being identified as N.C., ended up getting an abortion and suffered “painful complications” for two weeks afterwards. Hutchinson was convicted of sexual assault in December of 2011. He appealed the ruling at the Nova Scotia Court of Appeal, but the decision released on Thursday was 4-1 not in his favor. The sentence was deemed fit and stands.
 (Source-elite daily)

Top 1-Teacher Who Had Sex Student Avoids Jail by Divorcing Husband, Marrying Victim (How she can do that)


A Former high school teacher who was facing a lengthy jail sentence for having sex with a 15-year-old student has avoided jail time by divorcing her husband and marrying the boy. Leah Gayle Shipman, 42, married Johnnie Ray Ison, now 19, in January 2011 – two years after being arrested for having sex with the boy when he was 15 Wilmington, North Carolina high school.Prosecutors were unable to convince Ison to bring evidence against Shipman because of their legal relationship, and all previously made statements to police are no longer admissible at trial.Under North Carolina law, a defendant’s spouse cannot be compelled to testify against the defendant in criminal cases or grand jury proceedings.“None of the statements made in this case would be admissible without the victim,” Brunswick County Assistant District Attorney Gina Essey said. “The defendant has a Sixth Amendment right to confront witnesses against them.”hipman married Ison six days after finalizing her divorce from her husband of 19 years. Shipman was facing 15 years for statutory rape and taking indecent liberties with a child, but the case has since been thrown out since the prosecution relied upon Ison’s cooperation. Ison’s mother had to reportedly give written permission for her then 17-year-old son, who was still a minor, to marry Shipman in 2011.Shipman was sentenced to a 30-day suspended jail sentence, a year of probation and $345 in restitution on December 20th.Now that’s how you beat the system!
(Source-elite daily)
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