Monday, February 4, 2013

First Adult Star in space, four speeding tickets in 3 hours and sleeping judge exposed

Top Five Weird, Funny & sexy News stories of Feb.04, 2013 in reverses order.......

Top 5 -Jesus image in beer case-very nice story

BRADENTON, Fla., Feb. 4 (UPI) -- A Florida man who picked up a portion of a beer case because it was fish-shaped said he flipped it over and saw the image of Jesus. Fred Truluck of Bradenton said he picked up the piece of cardboard from a Corona beer case while walking with his dog because of the religious symbolism of the fish, WWSB-TV,

Sarasota, reported Monday. Truluck, who described himself as a devout Christian, said the religious symbolism became even more apparent when he took the cardboard fish home and flipped it over. "I had it on the table, turned it over to the back, for some reason, and I said, 'Wow! There is Jesus,'" he said. Truluck said he plans to frame the image and one day pass it down to his children.

Top 4 -Sleeping judge' resigns after being exposed

MOSCOW - A Russian judge has resigned after a video apparently showed him asleep during a trial that ended with him sentencing the defendant to five years in a penal colony, Russian media reported on Friday. Critics of the Russian justice system, which

has a notoriously high conviction rate, were outraged when the video purporting to show judge Yevgeny Makhno sleeping through a defense lawyer's speech in court was posted online in January."The Judges Qualification Panel accepted Makhno's resignation from his judge's post," regional judge and panel member Valentina Pozharskaya told state news agency RIA Novosti.The film, allegedly shot during a fraud trial last July in the far-eastern town of Blagoveshchensk, seems to show Makhno slumped in his chair fast asleep with his head cocked to one side.
The businessman sentenced to five years hard labor will have a new trial on February 14 after an appeal was lodged over the "unjust" sentence, Russian media said. Russia's justice system has been in the spotlight recently over several high-profile court cases including the trial of punk protest collective Pussy Riot.

Top 3-How Controversial VW ad runs during Super Bowl (video)

Volkswagen's Super Bowl commercial, "Get In. Get Happy," aired during its scheduled TV spot despite several claims to take it down because it was perceived as racist. The controversial ad features a white American male from Minnesota who is the owner of a Volkswagen Beetle and attempts to cheer up his colleges with positive phrases he slurs with a Jamaican accent. The clip is set to a rendition of the song "C'mon, Get Happy," made famous by Jamaican singer Jimmy Cliff, Yahoo News reported.

Top 2-Woman gets 4 speeding tickets in 3 hours-Stupid

Talk about being driven. A South Dakota woman racing to her granddaughter's middle school dance got four speeding tickets -- in less than three hours. Loretta Lacy, 49, was on her way from Sioux Falls to Racine, Wis., -- a distance of more than 500 miles -- when she got her first ticket shortly before 2:30 p.m. last Friday on Interstate 90 near Jackson, Minn., the Minneapolis Star-Tribune reported. State troopers clocked her at 112 mph. She was also cited for having no insurance and possession of marijuana, according to the Albert Lea Tribune. Her next ticket came 20 minutes later when police caught her was going 99 mph. Her third happened an hour after that, and her fourth at 5 p.m. that day.

Top 1-Adult entertainer hopes to be first porn star in space


A porn star has begun training in the hope she could be the first adult entertainer to be sent into space. Coco Brown has already been put through her paces in an anti-gravity machine after paying £64,000 to a Dutch company for the pleasure of blasting into the cosmos in 2014.But the American XXX star has disappointed fans and surprised many others by saying she won’t try to have sex in space.‘Trying to have sex in space is a little difficult,’ she said.’ You just really don’t have that much control. There would be nothing keeping you together.’ But she did add she might take a picture of one of her breasts in zero gravity.
‘We have gear that we have to wear, but I’ll see what I can do up there,’ she added.‘Maybe I’ll pop my boob out and take a photo of it with the Earth in the background.’ The 32-year-old said she couldn’t wait for the trip on the SXC rocket, which would see her soar 62 miles above Earth’s surface. She said: ‘I’ve always had a love of space. ‘I’m an adventurous person and I thrive off of excitement.’


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